Visit Pop In The City New York’s New Interactive Pop-Up

Visit Pop In The City, New York's Newest Interactive Pop-Up

Visit Pop In The City, New York’s Newest Interactive Pop-Up

Pop In The City is bringing a surreal celebration of New York and pop culture to Midtown Manhattan this summer in the form of an inflatable structure. For four weeks only, the custom-built installation between 32nd St. and 33rd St. on Broadway will celebrate the people and culture of New York and provide an unforgettable experience for families.

The entrance alone is unforgettable: visitors slide down a giant inflatable slide into an ocean of 500,000 translucent balls. But the magic doesn’t stop here. After the entrance, the exhibition takes visitors through a series of interconnected domes that present different immersive and abstract takes on the unique phenomenon that is New York City. The interactive pop-up will feature a variety of oversized sculptures such as big apples, big buildings, big pizza, and more New York City iconography set to pay homage to the host location.

As attendees walk, swim or slide through Pop In The City, they’ll experience shimmering disco balls, cutting-edge lighting, and special effects alongside a pool of carefully curated DJs and performers. 

This surreal installation has been designed and conceptualized by XL Event Lab, also responsible for The World’s Largest Bounce House and international hit The Parking Lot Social

Josh Kinnersley, COO from XL Event Lab said the installation is unlike anything ever seen in New York.

“New York has seen some pretty wild things, but we don’t think there’s ever been anything like this before,” Kinnersley said in a press release. “We’re taking inspiration from the city and mashing it together with balls of every shape and size. It’s an ode to the orb, a rejoicing of the round. You’ll have a ball!”

Admission tickets for this exciting experience start at $19 and are expected to sell out quickly, so make sure to get yours! Pop In The City will be open from August 5 to August 28 with multiple times available for you to select when you purchase your ticket. 

Don’t hesitate to visit this memorable experience with your family and friends this summer!

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