Top 10 TikTok Accounts For Teens & Tweens to Follow

Top 10 TikTok Accounts For Teens & Tweens to Follow
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Top 10 TikTok Accounts For Teens & Tweens to Follow

Unless you are purposefully staying away from social media, you probably know TikTok is one if not the biggest social media platforms and our kids love it. Since the pandemic, the number of users and content creators has grown significantly; people (i.e., our kids) of all ages visit it daily. In the app, teens and tweens can watch fun, educational and entertaining short videos of their interest and learn many cool things. 

If you monitor what accounts your child visit, we have 10 parent-approved content creators that tweens and tweens can watch!

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DEVOURPOWER – Tweens & Teens

If you have a foodie in the family, your tween/teen can check out Greg & Rebecca’s food spots recommendations in NYC that will leave you with a happy tummy all summer. Devour Power’s content showcases the best food spots in the city including delicious pizza, hot wings and burgers spots. Yum.

eezekat – Tweens & Teens

Check out Jaysen’s TikTok account where he makes fun daily videos about new board games and shows you how to play them, shares Disney movie recommendations and fun facts, discusses Marvel and anime topics and suggests books to read! This account will keep the kids entertained this summer with all the content available! 

hankgreen1 – Tweens & Teens

The creator of famous Youtube Channels Crash Course and SciShow is on TikTok! Hank Green has become one of the top creators on TikTok these last couple of years with his educational and entertaining videos. Also, people can leave questions and comments in his TikToks which he often replies with more entertaining facts! You will be amazed by everything kids can learn with him-def  worth checking out!


mxriyum – Tweens & Teens

Looking for new cooking and baking recipes to try out this summer? Visit Mariam’s TikTok page where she posts delicious meals and dessert’s recipes along with step-by-step instructions and all the ingredients you need to replicate her plates. She also posts a “Everything That I’ve Made In My Kitchen This Week” video where she recaps everything she cooked or baked along with the recipes. Don’t be surprised if after your tween watches Mariam’s videos they start asking for one of her recipes!

straw_hat_goofy – Tweens & Teens

A fun TikTok account to follow is straw_hat_goofy where Juju posts videos about movies and shows recommendations, tips and fun facts are posted on a daily basis! Here, he shares content about the newest movies and TV trends while giving the viewers his opinions and some interesting show details. He creates a lot of content from Disney and Pixar movies, Marvel, viral streaming shows like Stranger Things and Squid Game and much more! 

katzil – Tweens

If you are have a Minecraft fan in the house or a kid new to the game, they are going to want to  follow katzil. In her account she will show you how to create creative and colorful buildings in the popular game or you can even ask her for personalized tips for what you want to build yourself. She can also be followed on twitch to stream her content. 

natgeo – Tweens

Your tween will enjoy exploring the world through their phone with National Geographic’s with Natgeo’s TikTok page. Here you will learn about different countries and communities, follow the lives of the photographers located all over the world and see the beautiful pictures they take of animals, nature and many awesome views! They will also get to see videos with interesting and educational facts of some of the world’s most beautiful mountains, volcanoes, rivers and more!

andyyjiang – Teens

If your teen loves history and learning new stories about the world, head to Andy’s TikTok page to be entertained! Andy finds a way to tell all types of stories in a compelling way. From history, crime and funny stories or current world news, they won’t want to stop watching his videos and keep learning more! 

caitsbooks – Teens

From thrillers to rom coms and fantasy books, Cait shares tons of recommendations for teens to read this summer (and year-round) and keep you entertained! It’s exciting to watch her videos as she gives insight into books from many genres. So, if you want to explore a different genre from what you have recently read or are just looking for a community of people who talk about books you should definitely check her page!  

medicineexplained – Teens

This educational page will leave your teen amazed with all the interesting facts of the medical topics shared. Here, two doctors help them understand in an easy and entertaining way about the body, teach you healthy habits for them to follow and explain some interesting facts that they will want to share with your family and friends!