Holiday Craft: DIY Wrapping Paper

Photo by Karen Haberberg

Put a personal touch on holiday gifts by crafting your own DIY Wrapping Paper and then having fun with colorful ribbon and sweet, seasonal gift tags! The best part? This project is oh-so-easy and makes for a perfect indoor activity to do with children of all ages on a chilly winter’s day!

Photo by Karen Haberberg


  • Kraft Wrapping Paper Roll in Natural: Available at Michael’s, 36” x 100 ft, $35.99,
  • Inkpads: We used ColorBox Inkpads in Black (for the primary stamp) and Frost White (for the snowflakes), both available at the Paper Source, $6.95 each,
  • Rubber Stamps: We used a Fox Rubber Stamp from the Paper Source, $7.95; and a Snowflake Stamp Set by Recollections from Michael’s, $6.49; however, any stamp will do! Animals and seasonal designs are especially versatile but there’s a rubber stamp for every kid!
  • Glitter Pens: We used Crayola 6-Ct Glitter Markers, $6.99,
  • Colorful Ribbon: We used a selection from JoAnn Fabrics,
  • Seasonal Flare: We used pine cones and sprigs of seasonal greenery to set the scene. Check in your own backyard (or local park!)
  • Gift Tags: Download our original tags HERE
  • Black Sharpie
  • Tape
  • Scissors
Photo by Karen Haberberg


Step 1: Roll out the amount of paper you want to stamp. It can be done by making one big sheet with the same stamp pattern, or cutting smaller pieces sized for the specific gift you plan to wrap. Lay it on a hard, flat surface and use heavy objects to hold down the corners.

Step 2: Take your primary stamp and inkpad (in our case, the Fox and Black ink) and begin to make your pattern on the paper. We found that it works well to make a vertical column of stamps, and then another
one but with the stamps adjacent to the negative space in between the stamps from the first column. Repeat until your paper is full.

Step 3: You may want to wait about 10-15 minutes for your first stamps to dry, but once you’re ready, take your snowflake stamps and second ink pad (in our case, the Frost White, but silver ink has a nice effect as well) and stamp them intermittently about to your liking. The result will look like the snowflakes just fell from the sky and onto your paper!

Step 4: Once your snowflake stamps dry, use the Sharpie and glitter pens to draw festive hats on your animals.

Step 5: Let your paper dry completely—about an hour should be safe, but be sure to check any spots that still look wet before you proceed. Now, wrap your gifts!

Step 6: Use your selection of ribbons to create the color palette of your choosing. We went with Black & White and Neon & Metallic. Once you’ve picked ribbon, choose gift tags to match from our free download (click HERE to download)

Step 7: Add finishing flourishes to your gifts by tucking sprigs of greenery into the ribbon or setting under the tree amongst a scatter of pine cones!