The Best Kiddie Pools You Can Buy Now 2021

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The Best Kiddie Pools You Can Buy Now

Last year, amid the pandemic along with toilet paper, kiddie pools were a scarce commodity as most of us used whatever patch of grass or concrete sidewalk we could find to cool off the kids. And while we are excited that city pools and beaches are back open, inflatable pools are still a popular way for our kids to cool down.

The good news is there are really cool pools that, while being in the ‘kiddie’ aisle, even the adults can step in and enjoy. And while kiddie pools may not be as deep as a city pool or a backyard pool, safety is just as important. Safety pool experts say to empty the pool after use, even if there is a small amount of water in the pool. For more safety and cleaning tips, we strongly recommend visiting CDC Safety Guidelines.

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Best Kiddie Pool for Babies: Leonore Pool in Rainbow Love Sand

If you are looking for a pool that matches your neutral aesthetic (hey, that is okay!) yet is still pretty darn cute for your water baby, you’ll love this Leonore Pool in Rainbow Love Sand. Made from BPA free PVC, this pool doesn’t need a huge backyard as it is a width of 80 cm and a height of 20 cm. Ages 1 year +,, $47.99.

Best Kiddie Pool for Big Kids and Adults: Minnidip The TOTALLY WHOA(VEN)! luxe inflatable pool

This pool is deep for a kiddie pool, and it’s more ideal for big kids and adults. I actually own this pool and it works perfectly for my very tall kid and his younger brother as well as for our friends who visit us upstate and want a little cool off while they sip on a cocktail (minus with kids, of course)., $45.



Best Value Kiddie Pool: Unicorn Cloud & Rainbow Inflatable Kiddie Pool Set

These kiddie pools are pretty small, perfect for when outside space is tight but super ideal for a quick cool-off. At under $20, you’ll get both the rainbow and unicorn design. Perfect for saving one for the winter, make it a ball pit for some inside fun in the colder months. Amazon, $18.99.




Best Toddler Kiddie Pool: Intex Outdoor Inflatable Kiddie Pool Water Play Center with Slide

This pool is serious fun. Made of durable PVC, it is designed to cool the kids off and entertain them for hours on end. Mr. Gator is actually a sprinkler. The slide is perfect for your littlest babes and has a cushioned landing mat. Other fun adds are the mushroom that offers some wee shade and the water bucket. Ages 2 and up. Target, $47.99.


Best Kiddie Pool for Shade: Intex Mushroom Baby Pool

Babies and toddlers can spend hours in the pool, so sun protection is key. This affordable kiddie pool is designed with a soft inflatable floor. It is also ideal if only intend to add a small amount of water so your baby can splash about or sit comfortably while enjoying the summer day. Ages 1-3,, $21.



Best Kiddie Pool for Adults: The Pool Greek Eye

It is cool vibes all around with this Greek Eye pool. While kids six and up can enjoy this pool, we love this pool for the parents who also deserve a little cool off on those hot days of summer. Fits up to three adults and is made of durable, non-toxic Phthalate-free PVC., $60.