10 Best Kid’s Debit Card Options

10 Best Kid's Debit Card Options
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The 10 Best Kid’s Debit Card Options

You are probably seeing these cards a lot. Perhaps when you check on your own bank account or maybe grandma and grandpa have brought up giving your middle schooler a card. Parents know that learning to spend money smart starts young and is an essential lesson for kids. And now, several debit cards are available and designed for kids and parents to introduce money management. Each system has its own features, so check out these 10 debit card options and find out what might work for you and your family! With features such as connected mobile apps, you can monitor your children’s spending habits while allowing them to still maintain a sense of independence and hands-on learning.

A few things to consider when deciding on a debit card:

  • If your child is attending a school that allows students to leave campus and buy lunch near the area, then a debit card is a smart way to add lunch money rather than having them walk around with cash.
  • Is your child ready to manage their birthday money and holiday cash gifts? A debit card is an excellent way for them to learn to save and spend wisely.
  • Keep an eye on the card; scams are getting sophisticated every year, and scammers will have no problem stealing from a child.

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No minimum age requirement  

$4.99-$9.98 per month 

Greenlight is one of the most popular debit cards for kids. Parents will have the ability to set controls and get real-time notifications of their kid’s financial actions. You can even teach the importance of work ethic by rewarding good behavior like accomplished chores. Additionally, you have the ability to teach them how to save, spend and invest money. Subscriptions start at $4.99 per month for Greenlight without investing and memberships include debit cards for up to five kids! 


6 to 18 years 

$3.99 per month 

This is a great option for those looking for an interactive financial learning system for their kids to be introduced to the financial world. Kids ages 6 to 18 years can play games like Money Missions on GoHenry’s included interactive financial literacy game and earn virtual badges. Parents will additionally have control on spending budgets, where they get to use the card, and test it out with their 30-day free trial offer.


No Fees

Ages 13+

Copper is a great debit card option for teens as it leaves more room for financial independence compared to other kids’ debit cards. With Copper, you can have your teen set goals and learn how to save money on their own, while having the ability to track their spending and send money in seconds. Copper focuses on teaching the basics of banking like financial health, saving for the future, spending wisely and setting and reaching goals. 


$2.50-$5.99 per month 

Up to 17 years old

The FamZoo kids’ debit card eliminates the foreign transaction fees that occur on international transactions while traveling. FamZoo’s financial literacy for youth comes first and they have prioritized this in their educational prepaid card. Experience features like parent-paid compound interest, child loan tracking, reimbursement requests, family billing and more! 

Chase First Banking 

No Fees

6 to 17 years old 

Exclusively for Chase checking customers, Chase First Banking allows parents to help their children build good money habits. This Chase card includes allowance features,  built in chores and allowances and parental controls. This platform is powered by Greenlight, and includes very similar features, but might be more convenient for those who are existing Chase customers. 

Capital One- MONEY Teen Checking

Ages 8-17

No Fees

This Capital One debit card for kids allows you and your kid to open a joint account together. This debit card comes with a mobile app that will help teach your kid about money management and personal finance. Kids will be able to earn interest on checking account balances and parents will be able to have visibility and control on spending habits. Better yet, you do not need to have a Capital One account therefore any external bank account can be linked! 


Ages 5+ 

$3.99 monthly 

With the BusyKid debit card, your child can learn financial management first-hand. With the ability to learn the importance of real life financial management hands on, the app and card are a great introduction to this important skill. Parents can pay weekly allowances and place money into spending areas. Parents also can add “interest” to their child’s weekly savings and transfer funds in real time. Another great feature of BusyKids is their inclusion of charity features that allow users to donate to both local and national charities and teach the importance of giving back. 


Ages 8-17 

No Monthly Fees

The Jassby Virtual Credit Card stands apart with its user friendly app. This system is great for families with multiple children because it allows you to take complete control of spending through their Jassby’s Family Finances app. Chores and activities may also be applied for rewards. Since the app is designed for kids, it is extremely user friendly. Physical cards are available for $5 each. 

Current Teen

Any Age 

No Monthly Fee 

The Current Teen Debit Card provides a cool new way to implement savings practices into a teens financial life. Their system includes an automatic round-up setting that can help your teen treach their financial goals and organize their savings. Give your teens financial freedom while still maintaining the security that parents desire. And for families that consist of multiple households, finances may be kept separate and linked individual funding sources are an option!