6 Ways to Remember 9/11 This Year


The commemoration for 9/11 this year is going to look a bit different. To keep the importance and meaning behind the event, the 9/11 Museum & Memorial has taken various steps to make sure we can remember in the safest ways possible.  Below are some different ways you can commemorate the event.

19th Anniversary Commemoration

As the focus of the reading of the names has been present in years past, the Memorial & Museum have made it a priority to adhere to guidelines of social distancing. For this year’s commemoration, a recording of the readings of names made by 9/11 family members will be used. The 9/11 Memorial Museum will reopen for 9/11 family members on the 19th Anniversary and will fully reopen to the public on September 12. With the changes that this year has brought, the Memorial & Museum has committed to a live and safe commemoration. Be sure to check their website for more details.

Virtual Tours

As you take in the panoramic views offered by the rebuilt World Trade Center from your own home, learn more about the memorial and the stories behind it all. The 45-minute live tour will explore the design and history of the site while also highlighting the stories of those affected by the attacks. The tours are live, interactive, and led by Museum staff members over Zoom. Book your tour on their website.

Interactive Museum Experience

As another option to remotely experience the 9/11 Memorial Museum, there is an interactive video experience available on their website. You are able to select different paths that explore the different spaces and exhibitions that the Museum has to offer.

Webinar Stories

To learn more about this event, a series of webinars have been created and collected for people to view. These videos are a collection of first-person accounts of the attack and the aftermath that followed. You are able to explore the different categories and types of stories told in order to gain more knowledge about the Museum & Memorial.

Anniversary in the Schools Webinar

This is another option for an interactive program offered around the 9/11 anniversary that connects participants with Museum staff and guest speakers to learn more about the attacks and the importance of the commemoration of the event. Students and teachers from all over the globe will be joining the webinar. Register on the Museum’s website to join the webinar and 35-minute program that will be available on demand throughout the day.

Activities at Home

Finally, the 9/11 Memorial & Museum is offering various activities that you can do with your children at home. These collaborative activities provided with step-by-step instructions can help guide you in creating your own artwork. This is designed to help how people respond in difficult times. Many of these activities include writing letters to your community’s heroes, making paper cranes, designing first responder badges and making survivor tree leaves. Find these resources on their website.