How to Celebrate Yom Kippur this Year in 2021

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How to Celebrate Yom Kippur this Year in 2021!

Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, is considered one of the most important Jewish holidays. Families were forced to celebrate a little differently last year, but now Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted meaning that many places across NYC are putting on events for the holiday. For those of you who would like to celebrate at home, many synagogues all over the world are offering virtual events and services, while other places are providing free online resources. Check out this list below on ways you can celebrate Yom Kippur safely this year with your family.

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Attend an In-Person or Virtual Service

During this High Holy Days season, many synagogues are offering live or recorded services ad well as in-person services. Now with both options available for families, you are able to celebrate however you would like! Be sure to check with your local synagogue to see what types of services they are offering this year. For families looking for a virtual service, Central Synagogue has a whole calendar of worship events for you and your family to join. The City Congregation will be offering in-person secular services for both adults and children. 

The Call of the Shofar

The Call of the Shofar remains as one of the most important elements of this holiday season. This year, there will be many opportunities for you to welcome in the holidays. Many synagogues and communities have posted Youtube videos and virtual events or will be hosting in-person events to celebrate this special occasion. This year, Congregation Olam Tikvah will be offering this service for both in-person and virtual guests to enjoy!

Take Out Food for Yom Kippur Celebration 

Looking to order a spread for the holidays? Check out H&H Bagels, Tompkins Square Bagels, and Black Seed Bagels! All three places are available on Seamless Food Delivery and will be able to cater your Yom Kippur breakfast. If you’re looking to put together a feast to celebrate the holiday by you don’t feel like cooking, order your meal from Zabar’s! They have everything from delicious sides and main dishes to holiday gifts you can send to friends and family.

Follow PJ Library’s “High Holidays at Home” Guide 

You and your family can explore new ways to celebrate the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah with PJ Library’s guide. When scrolling through the website, the guide takes you various stages of the holiday season. It helps you prepare to welcome in the holiday season, shows you activities you can do in between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. All activities are free and are interactive for you and your family to enjoy.

Download Free Online Resources for You and Your Family 

If you’re on the lookout for more resources to help you celebrate Yom Kippur at home, Gateways offers a handful of free downloadable resources. Free stories, activities, and illustrations of the different blessings are easily accessible online.

Explore New Children’s Books 

To keep your children part of the celebration, be sure to explore a handful of children’s books about Yom Kippur. This list of 13 different children’s books about Yom Kippur is definitely something to take a look at. Whether you are simply observing the holiday or want your kids to learn more about the celebration, this will serve as a great resource.