The Magical Harry Potter New York Store is Opening June 3rd

The outside view of Harry Potter New York

The Magical Harry Potter New York Store is Opening June 3rd

Fans of the Wizarding World will be excited to visit Harry Potter New York, the new store opening in the city on June 3rd. This store will feature the largest collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products under one roof, making it an incredible experience for fans of the series. Covering three stories and over 21,000 sq. ft., Harry Potter New York will make for a great outing everyone can find joy in.

The store will also incorporate digital technologies that will integrate with the Harry Potter Fan Club app. Users can find Enchanted Keys throughout the store that unlock exclusive behind-the-scenes facts, figures, and videos that help keep guests interested throughout the entire experience. To include even more innovative technology, there will also be two unique virtual reality experiences guests can enjoy.

The first, “Chaos at Hogwarts,” lets young witches and wizards journey through Hogwarts and they’ll encounter magical creatures and secrets along the way. The other is called “Wizards Take Flight” and allows Quidditch lovers to fly on their brooms around London in a battle against the Death Eaters. These exciting virtual experiences will allow you to see and experience the Wizarding World in a whole new way.

The main atrium of Harry Potter New York

Harry Potter New York will feature 15 different themed areas that each bring a separate part of the magical world to life. In different places they’ll have the opportunity to see stunning features including a giant model of Fawkes the Phoenix and the Griffin from Dumbledore’s office in the atrium. This iconic imagery from the series will make visitors feel as if they’ve stepped directly into the magical world they’ve only seen on their screens.

There are tons of amazing photo opportunities in each area of Harry Potter New York that will make for a unique experience you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll be able to get shots inside a London phone box as if transporting themselves into the Ministry of Magic, and even see what you’d look like inside Hagrid’s boots. They’ll also have the chance to bring their favorite characters to life at the interactive wand tables that will complete the full magical experience.

One of the shop sections in Harry Potter New York

Once you’ve finished going through all the interactive and beautiful parts of the store, you’ll be able to purchase tons of fun merchandise from the series. You won’t be able to find some of these fun items anywhere else, and whatever kind of gift you’re looking for, you’ll find something amazing here. You can get chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott’s every flavor Beans from the Honeydukes inspired area or head under the Dirigible Plum tree for magical stuffed creatures.

There’s also a personalization station where you can get special gifts specifically for the Harry Potter lover in your life. This could include engraving a wand, embossing a journal or embroidering a House robe with their name. Harry Potter New York will also house the only House of MinaLima in America. The graphic design duo has created incredible art for the films that will now be available for purchase and viewing here in New York.

There are also several brand collaborations including Spirit Jerseys, Loungefly handbags and others to make for more special product unavailable anywhere else. Whatever you’re looking for, this store will offer tons of amazing options people are sure to love. You can check out a hand-selected group of the products before the store opens at the Harry Potter Shop.

Fawkes flies over one of the sections of Harry Potter New York

This incredible store will be opening in the heart of New York City next to the Flatiron building at 935 Broadway. Don’t miss out on the magnificent adventure coming to your city. It will be a magical encounter your entire family isn’t likely to forget. You can keep up with more exciting news that will be coming from Harry Potter New York before opening day.