All fur ‘Love’

Just as Ludwig Bemelmans’s “Madeline” is associated with Paris, Charlie Girl — Elizabeth Frogel’s sweet poodle — may soon be a symbol of New York. In the second volume of Frogel’s series of picture books, Charlie Girl and the city skyline are rendered in beautiful watercolors by Don Kossar. The story, inspired by Frogel’s daughter’s relationship with her real-life pet, is told from the pooch’s point of view. Charlie is initially unsettled by wailing baby Ava, but the dog is encouraged and trusted by her mom, and soon the caring canine and the little girl are sharing breakfast cereal and pillows, and the “sisters” enjoy Manhattan’s charms. The copy editing could be better (typos!), but the ’60s-style clothing and interiors and positive message are a gorgeous combo.

“Charlie Girl: A Story of Love and Instinct” book by Elizabeth Frogel, $24.95, www.charl‌iegir‌