12 Travel Necessities for Kids

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12 Travel Necessities for Kids

Even though we love our kids more than anything in this world, it’s hard to dispute the fact that traveling with kids can be a handful. There are a lot of things to think about and prepare before traveling whether that be a plane ride or a road trip. Even when you prepare days in advance, there always seems to be something missing, something that could’ve never been predicted. But don’t worry because we’ve compiled a list of 11 Travel Necessities for Kids so that you can have a stress-free travel experience.

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Kids Disposable Face Masks


Even while traveling is becoming more and more common with fewer restrictions than before, your child is still going to need a face mask. These disposable masks are super cute, with multiple designs that will make kids want to wear them. There are 50 masks in the box with five kinds of different patterns. It makes sure to stay comfortable with extra-soft ear loops to eliminate pressure on the ears. Keep your child, yourself and those around you safe by making sure that you have more than enough masks for your kids.

Whiskware Stackable Snack Pack


This stackable snack pack is a self-proclaimed travel necessity. When we travel with our families and kids, things can get hectic. This snack pack will ease at least a portion of your worries. The interlocking containers are perfect for snacking on the go. This snack pack includes three containers with a Twist ‘n’ Lock system that connects the containers for easy portability. This will keep your kids’ snacks safe and reduce your own stress of spillage or simply losing a container.

Boogie Boards


While you might be thinking that the best way to keep your child calm and occupied is by bringing a lot of toys on your trip, it’s not always the best method. Toys that kids use daily won’t stimulate their interest because they are in a completely different and more interesting environment. This Boogie Board, however, is the perfect activity for traveling. Kids will love this LCD writing tablet that they can doodle or write on. This Boogie Board is eco-friendly, replacing paper and tree cutting with a tablet that can be scribbled on about 50,000 times. It’s lightweight and easy to store with the rest of your things!

Baby Grips Fuzzy Socks


Whether you’re traveling by plane, car or even boat, you’ll want to get your kids these fuzzy socks. It’ll keep their feet warm while you travel and make them more comfortable. These fuzzy socks will protect them from catching a cold while making them feel like they’re walking on a padded cloud. These socks have non-slip grippers on the bottom of the socks to reduce the risk of falling. You can also choose between the different sock designs and animals to guarantee that your child will love them! 

Kids Headphones


Kids are not easily entertained for a long period of time. When traveling, you’ll probably want to have them watch a movie or their favorite cartoon, so these headphones are essential. The headphones not only provide clear voice pickup, but it also has a multi-function button on the audio cable that allows a single click to play, pause, answer, hang up, skip to the next song and more.

There is also a volume limit for hearing protection that will allow them to hear clearly in whatever environment they’re in, but also stay safe while doing so. These foldable headphones are easy to store and they are adjustable to fit any kid!

Mini First Aid Kit


Accidents happen all the time and kids are not immune to getting hurt, but it’s important to be there to help them when they do. This mini first aid kit is essential to have around, especially while traveling when you may not have as many resources as you normally would. Inside the pack, there are 50 trusted items like bandages, gauze pads, triple medicated ointment, thermometer, burn cream and much more. It’s super compact and fits inside any bag.

Purell Hand Sanitzing Wipes


Travelling is messy and germs are a constant companion. Make sure that you bring hand sanitizing wipes for everything that you do. This is an alcohol-free formula that gets rid of germs without damaging the skin. It’s meant for frequent use and contains no harsh chemicals that could hurt your child or you. This travel pack is compact and sure to fit in anything!

VASCHY Kids Backpack


Wherever you’re going and however you decide to travel, a backpack is a necessity. Keep things organized and your child responsible by letting them have their very own backpack that will hold their things instead of you trying to fit everything into your own belongings. This backpack is designed to be lightweight with easy to open and close zipper tags as well as two side pockets. They have all kinds of different designs and colors for your child to choose from that will guarantee that they never part with their backpack.

Packing Cubes


Keep things organized and separate with these packing cubes. They all have zipper closures with mesh top panels so that you can easily identify the contents of the cube and keep the inside ventilated. These packing cubes are each different sizes, depending on what you need to fit, and they are compact which means they’ll fit into any bag, suitcase or carry-on.

BCOZZY Kids Neck Pillow


We all know that traveling can be difficult as it puts a lot of stress on the mind and body. Kids are also affected by traveling in much the same ways which is why this neck pillow is a necessity. It will keep your child’s head stable and in a comfortable position while making sure that they won’t experience any neck pain. It has a velcro system that allows you to adjust the neck pillow until it is perfectly fitted for your child. Don’t worry about having to carry it around either because it comes with a carry case that makes it easy to clip to your child’s backpack or fit into a bag!

Mini Voyager Kit


This build-your-own kit is perfect for traveling with kids. You can choose from multiple items and handpick a kit that is garnered towards your child and their interests. This is a bag full of entertainment for your child and takes out the time you might need to pack as well as the stress of making sure you don’t forget anything.

What’s amazing about this bag is that it gives a screen-free option to kids who want a different type of entertainment since the activities in the bag will keep them creatively engaged instead. Check out their websites to see what kinds of activities and toys they offer!

Hydro Flask Water Bottle


This 12 oz water bottle is great to have while traveling. The bottle can keep drinks cold or hot for up to 24 hours. It comes with a straw cap that helps reduce spills and has Pro-Grade stainless steel that ensures a pure taste with no flavor transfers.

This water bottle is garnered for kids as it has a flex boot which creates an easy grip for smaller hands and protects the bottle from any falls or bumps. Your child will also be able to pick a color that they love to ensure that the water bottle is not left wasted!