PAW Patrol Live! “The Great Pirate Adventure” Comes To NYC

PAW Patrol Live!

The PAW Patrol is on a roll to NYC. PAW Patrol Live! “The Great Pirate Adventure” will stop at the Theater at Madison Square Garden from Thursday, March 22 through Sunday, March 25. Join your favorite PAW Patrol pups for a dynamic show as they embark on a pirate-themed adventure to uncover a hidden treasure. No job is too big and no pup is too small as they travel from the small screen to the big stage for a sensational show.

We chatted with Brandon Delsid, who stars as Chase, and he gave us the inside scoop on the show! Delsid says “it’s a dream being part of a brand new musical and a brand that is positive and brings joy to kids across America.” Delsid trained intensely to get ready to take the stage, working with Spinmaster and Nickelodeon on vocals and actions so he could stay true to the cartoon and create a one-of-a-kind experience for families to enjoy.

Top 10 Things Your Family Wants to Know About PAW Patrol Live! “The Great Pirate Adventure”: 

  1. It’s a brand new musical filled with fun for kids of all ages! The show is tailored to be the perfect family event. It’s longer, has new songs and original music, and show-stopping numbers. Delsid says you won’t be able to stay sitting down and will have the catchy music in your head for weeks after.
  2. There are pirates in the mission! The story follows the PAW Patrol as they work with their leader Ryder to find Long John Larry’s long lost treasure and save Chickaletta. They’ll explore new places and learn new things along the way with teamwork and hard work.
  3. It’s a pioneering show that redefines levels of child entertainment because it’s exceptionally interactive! Delsid notes the innovative ways the actors interact with the audience. You will feel like you are part of the PAW Patrol with the amazing costumes, set pieces built from scratch, and the huge LED wall that transports you anywhere you want to be.
  4. The show teaches important values like kindness, teamwork, and bravery in a creative way. The show is built on teaching teamwork and friendship. The PAW Patrol pups care about each other, and when one is trouble they show up, help and trust each other, and demonstrate their loyalty.
  5. You’re sure to have a favorite number. Delsid’s favorite number is called “Rubble Rescue.” He shares, “I love getting to perform a number called ‘Rubble Rescue’…it’s a cool scene combining special effects and costumes and lighting and sets in a unique way, trying to rescue someone from a cavern! The songs are catchy and I usually leave the theater humming the song.”
  6. The PAW Patrol pups really dance, and you can, too! Delsid says one of his favorite numbers is “Pirate Day in Adventure Bay,” where you’ll want to be dancing and your fave pups will be dancing like there’s no tomorrow. From hip hop to more traditional Broadway dancing, there are dazzling doggie dance moves and cool effects, and kids are encouraged to dance along and feel like they’re part of the action.
  7. There’s a lesson in leadership. Chase is the leader of the PAW Patrol and Delsid shares that fans are receptive to the role, adding that, “Chase is brave and has great leadership qualities and doesn’t take himself too seriously, but takes pride in what he does.”
  8. Families will enjoy seeing the show together. Kids of all ages will love the story, music, and humor. Delsid says there is nothing like going to the theater and seeing the kids glowing and the parents watching the kids. The show comes to life before your eyes, and watching through your child’s eyes is a memory to cherish for the rest of your life.
  9. Be sure to stay until the end, since there are surprises until the very last second! It is a one-of-a-kind show: Sights and sounds and special effects and more. Delsid enjoys seeing the little ones’ faces lighting up, noting, “It’s spectacular!”
  10. Three key words to describe the performance are interactive, family-friendly and magical!

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