tenoverten & HATCH Nail Polish Trio: Non-Toxic and Mama-Friendly

Summer colors are in full swing, and with a new collaboration from tenoverten and HATCH, pregnant and post-baby mamas can enjoy these hues with a manicure and pedicure. Whether you are pregnant or breast feeding, tenoverten and HATCH make it easy for moms to relish in being pampered with non-toxic nail polish and mama-friendly services. The joys of motherhood are great, but it definitely calls for a mental and physical break from keeping the world turning. With tenoverten and HATCH’s newest collaboration, mamas can escape to pure bliss without fretting about the harmful chemicals that are detrimental to you and your baby. After a full tenoverten and HATCH treatment, we have got the scoop on their latest collab!

Here’s a heads up! Don’t forget your summer Tevas when you head to the nail salon– the hottest summer trend!


tenoverten and HATCH Non-Toxic Nail Polish Set

Surrender to this perfect, summery nail polish set that has the finest color palette. Whatever you are feeling when you head to the nail salon, select one of these fun colors including, “Feisty Mama” (magenta), “Zen Mama” (blush), “Poolside Mama” (Coral) – the perfect pop of color you have been craving all summer! The best part is that this collection consists of “8-free” non-toxic polishes. You can find this limited edition nail polish set at tenoverten.com or exclusively at their locations. They can also be found in HATCH’s stores in New York and Los Angeles. $36

Side note: For a polish that is not gel, this polish stays on quite well and even survived my trip to the beach with zero chips from my toes and nails being in the sand the whole day.

HATCH MAMA Manicure and Pedicure

When you make your appointment at tenoverten, make sure to ask for the HATCH MAMA manicure and pedicure. As you sip on your refreshment in the eco-friendly salon with a clean and simplistic ambiance, relax with nourishing HATCH MAMA products being massaged into your skin for complete rejuvenation. Enjoy a 10-minute foot massage with HATCH MAMA’s Down Girl foot and leg cream for swollen legs and feet, and a hot stone hand and arm massage with HATCH MAMA Belly Oil. After the nail shaping, cuticle care, and all prepping is complete, top it off with your favorite 8-free+vegan+cruelty free tenoverten polish! Manicure $45 (35min) & Pedicure $60 (45 min).

Q&A With Nadine Abramcyk, Cofounder of tenoverten

What are the dangers of getting a regular manicure or pedicure if you are pregnant or post-baby?

The biggest potential danger lies in the air quality of the salon you are frequenting. Some chemicals often found in nail polish could be potentially harmful to both you and the baby, so it’s best to try to avoid unnecessary exposure to those airborne toxins.

How do you get a pregnancy/post-baby manicure and pedicure?

Make sure you are entering a salon space that has great ventilation and really cares about the ingredients in the products used in service. Ask if the salon is formaldehyde-free which is the most offensive of all airborne chemicals typically found in nail salons. Also, make sure you are in a place with the highest standards for hygiene. All tools touching your skin should either be one-time use or sterilized properly with an autoclave machine so you aren’t exposed to any unnecessary bacteria.

What should expecting and post-baby moms absolutely avoid when getting their nails done?

A salon with no standards for creating a safer salon environment – in the end, the exposure to a toxic environment is just not worth the polished nails.

What are most women not aware of when getting their nails done and how does tenoverten address this?

Most people don’t think about the sterilization of tools and think when they see Barbicide and a UV light container that tools are being properly cleansed. The truth is, it is very expensive to properly clean metal tools and the only foolproof way we’ve found and have adopted since day 1 at tenoverten is by using a medical-grade piece of equipment called an autoclave to ensure we are properly sterilizing tools.

What is the best part about this collaboration with HATCH?

The best part is that as women entrepreneurs and mothers we get to squash a concern that mamas-to-be and new moms have around the simple pleasure of having their nails done. Our collaboration with HATCH has helped bring light to a topic that we get asked all the time if it’s ok to indulge in manicures once expecting, and we’re so glad to help pull the curtain back on that to show how you can do it safely.

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