NYC High School Applications Open Up This Week


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NYC High School Applications Open Up This Week

If your child is a current eighth-grade student or first-time ninth-grade student, it’s time to fill out the NYC high school application! In New York City, you have the choice of over 700 different programs at over 400 high schools. When filling out your high school application, you narrow down your choice to 12 high school programs. To help you navigate this application process, we’ve summarized all the information you need to know.

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Deadline to Apply to High School: March 1, 2022

Here’s Everything You Need to Know

  • Your MySchools account will be where you explore high school program options, build your application, and apply. Or, talk with your school counselor to decide which 12 programs to include on your application. 
  • To create your account, follow this video: How to create your MySchools account.
  • In order to apply, you will need your unique MySchools creation code (included in your high school welcome letters) and your student ID number. 
  • The registration period for the Specialized High School’s Admissions Test has now closed. 
  • For more information and updates, you can sign up for the high school admissions email list
  • Virtual high school admissions events will be hosted on January 26 and 27 to answer questions about the application process

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