Boarding Schools for Students to Excel and Thrive

Boarding Schools for Students to Excel and Thrive
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Boarding Schools for Students in or near New York

Finding a school for your child in NYC is no easy task. There are so many options to consider– public, private, charter etc. If you’re looking for an option that will provide your children with a lot of 1-on-1 attention, you may want to consider boarding schools. Yes, it certainly is a big decision to let your kids go off on their own, but they’ll develop independence much earlier, all while having access to top-notch resources. We’ve rounded up some of the best boarding schools in the area. Read on to find out if one of these schools may be a good fit for your child.

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Bard Academy & Bard College at Simon’s Rock 

Great Barrington, MA 01230

413-644-4400, [email protected]

For an accelerated path, Bard Academy & Bard College at Simon’s Rock is the way to go. Bard Academy is the nation’s first two-year boarding and day program designed to prepare 9th and 10th graders to start college early. They basically get fast-tracked to receive a Bachelor’s degree within six years of starting Bard Academy, as opposed to the 8 years it typically takes to get through high school and college. Bard College then follows the Academy, when students are ready to start college after the 10th or 11th grade. With over 35 majors and several top rankings including #4 for Most Innovative School, #5 for Best Undergraduate Teaching by U.S. News and World Report and among the Best Regional Colleges in the Northeast by The Princeton Review, Bard College offers an education like no other. 

Chatham Hall

Chatham, VA 24531


[email protected]

For a supportive and stimulating environment of young women, Chatham Hall is a great option. For more than 125 years, the 9-12 girls’ day and boarding school has helped young women discover their confidence, interests, and strength. Chatham Hall encourages students to step beyond their comfort zone to really unlock their potential. The school is all about community, from forging deep friendships to feeling seen, heard, and listened to on a daily basis. 

The school also boasts a beautiful campus for their community, sitting on 362 scenic acres of land. Students have a large and inspiring space to explore, engage, and form connections. Chatham Hall continues to be an impactful experience for young women in their educational, social, and relational life journeys. 

Knox School

As Long Island’s oldest established, co-educational boarding and day school, the Knox School is a highly regarded institution for grades 6-12 and post-graduate. The best part about the Knox School is that everyone knows everyone’s name– it’s an inclusive, warm and welcoming environment. Students get the attention they need with easy access to opportunities and new experiences. 

Beyond the tight-knit community, the Knox School also offers a diverse education that accommodates all students’ interests. Whether it be math or writing, designing or performing, engineering or acting, the Knox School supports their students as they follow their dreams. In fact, the school has a 100% graduate acceptance rate to top four-year universities, where students go on to pursue their academic and extracurricular interests further. Individualized focus helps students feel noticed and confident to explore their passions. 

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Ross School

Ross School believes in life-long learning. This is a place where education extends beyond the classroom– it includes skills that will serve students well into their futures. Located on a beautiful campus in East Hampton, Ross School has about 400 students across their grades 6 to 12 and postgraduate co-educational population. Learning at the Ross School means direct personal experiences, hands-on interpretation and analysis, and engagement in a global community. Students who go through the school’s diverse curriculum of science, math, arts, wellness, independent study, extracurricular activities, and travel opportunities are more than prepared for challenges and experiences that lay ahead. 100% of students receive acceptances from competitive colleges and universities, where they have the tools to succeed. The Ross School wants to change the way education meets the future, and students routinely encapsulate that mission as they use their Ross education to develop their futures and the futures of those around them.