Choosing the Best Child Care Options for your Family

Choosing the Best Child Care Options for your Family
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Choosing the Best Child Care Options for your Family

Parenting is hard. We know, understatement of the century. One resource that can help parents out is having reliable, safe, and loving childcare.

 One thing is for sure, parents today have many flexible options to accommodate their financial and work/home situation and create a fun, engaging, and safe structure for their children.

Check out more about the different child care options below:

Part-Time Child Care

With the surge of work-from-home and hybrid working conditions, more and more families require part-time daycare or flexible in-home childcare. This flexible option (on both ends) might mean that you only need part-time care at a nursery or daycare when you go into the office or are running home and working solo for a half day to take those Zoom meetings. Part-time caregivers who come to your home can also take your child to nearby storytimes, classes, or playdates you can’t get to during the day. Some may even help with light housekeeping and grocery shopping.

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For full-time working parents of little ones, daycare can be an excellent option for your family. They offer interaction with other kids for social development, structured and fun activities, small group care, and provide a consistent routine to your child’s day. Many daycare centers offer infant care starting at six months and can go until your child is in Kindergarten. Daycares also provide a wide range of drop-off and pick-up times for families, starting as early as 7:00 am and going until 7:00 pm. This is a great option for parents who have to commute to work. Daycare centers also offer parents peace of mind as facilities are required to have specific state licenses and work with providers/teachers who have the same.

Coop-Daycare/In-Home Child Care

This hybrid option combines daycare with flexibility where a small group of families come together to rotate caregiving. Usually led with a facilitator or teacher, the group meets 3-5 times during the week over the course of 3 hours (though the group communally determines the exact time). This structure is typically for preschoolers who might not need a full day of instruction and for parents who have the flexibility to commit and participate.


Nannies are typically options for families who need longer-term and full-time care. This might be a live-in or live-out option, giving your child (or children) hands-on care. This is a great option for families with the financial means to pay someone a full-time salary and those with a demanding life and work schedule. Nannies typically can also help with light-to-moderate housekeeping, drive or hop on the subway with your kids to activities, give individualized attention to your kids, provide consistency (many nannies become a part of a family), and give your family control over who is caring for your kids. You will have to work on a specific schedule with your nanny and provide days off and vacation time for longer-term hires. Many nannies come from agencies or community boards where you will have access to their references, certifications, and the ability to customize contracts.

Au Pair

An au pair is another long-term option. Au pairs are typically 18-26 years, come from overseas, and have a legal cultural exchange visa that allows them to live with your family. This usually includes committing to working for 12 months – with the option to extend – that provides consistent care for your kids. It offers older kids a great way to learn about a different culture and language from your au pair. There are specific rules about this type of childcare in the United States. Au pairs must be given a bedroom with a door, a specific salary, and time off. They also have working hours that the U.S. Department of State regulates. They also have to have a driver’s license, complete a criminal background check, 200 hours of childcare experience, and can commit to at least 12 months of work. Some au pairs contracts also include funding from a host family for their college.

Regardless of your situation, we hope this article gives you peace of mind in knowing there are so many childcare options. This tends to ebb and flow but no matter what, there are many ways to find loving and safe care for your child.


Sharon Baptist Head Start

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We offer two great locations to meet your preschool and childcare needs for infants to school-age. Owned and operated by a NYS-certified elementary teacher, we follow a full NYS pre-K curriculum, offer before- and after-school care, & a NYS-licensed/NAFCC accredited facility. Staff are CPR- and first aid-certified. 3rd location coming soon to Pearl River!


Ann and Andy Childcare  

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annandandychildcare.comEach child is considered first as an individual and then as a member of the group. Regularly planned group activities meet the natural, physical, emotional, and cognitive needs of children at play. The staff is carefully trained to promote a positive environment and to keep a balanced routine that does not stress or overstimulate children.

Ages infant to 5 yr old


World Cup Schools

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World Cup’s reputation for excellence in early childhood education has been built by its dedicated teachers who keep up-to-date on new approaches to learning and are devoted to the students they teach. Great teacher/child ratios, special guests/theme days, Spanish, creative movement, two outdoor playgrounds, indoor bike track, music and a huge gymnastics facility where children receive coaching from our USAG-safety-certified instructors. Ages infant to 5 yrs old. Full and partial-day programs are available.


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